Our Vision

Smarter building. Better communities. For everyone.

Transforming an Industry

About Katerra

The global construction industry is one of the last craft industries yet to fully embrace the technology age.

Katerra exists to help transform construction through technology—every process and every product.

Incremental progress isn’t enough—we are pursuing transformational change on a massive scale.

The building industry is vital to the environment and the social fabric of our communities. We have an opportunity within the next decade to develop new solutions the right way, solutions that not only ramp industry productivity, but also drastically reduce the carbon footprint of construction and provide relief for housing shortage and affordability.

Katerra’s Approach

Katerra is a new kind of company in the building industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services for our clients. This offering is possible because of Katerra’s distinct model which combines end-to-end integration with significant investment in technological and design innovation.

Learn more below about the key aspects that make Katerra’s approach unique.

End-to-End Integration

Katerra is fully integrated, providing end-to-end building services as a single partner, with robust technology systems connecting everything together.

With complete control inside one team, we have the unique opportunity to optimize processes and develop integrated product systems.

Technology & Data

Katerra is embracing technology and data capture to empower integrated teams and drive increased productivity.

By utilizing technology across the entire building lifecycle, we are able to improve coordination from initial project phases through building completion and optimize our products and processes with data feedback loops.

Productized Design

Katerra designs to manufacture building components as repeatable products and streamline field assembly.

This allows us to offer improved efficiency to customers building at scale, without sacrificing the freedom and configurability needed to make each project a distinct holistic design.

Offsite Manufacturing

Katerra unlocks higher productivity by pushing as much work as possible to the controlled factory environment.

Shifting increased level of labor and finishing work into factories rather than the jobsite supports faster speed to market, consistent quality, and reduced waste.

Supply Chain Control

Katerra takes total control of our materials, logistics, and labor to drive further cost reductions and operational excellence.

We control factors that commonly drive cost and schedule variance allowing us to mitigate overall project risk.

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