The vast majority of buildings are designed as one-off projects.

When building components are not designed to be repeated, every standard element needs to be redrawn with each subsequent project, leading to cascading effects of unpredictability and inefficiency for project schedules and budgets. 

Katerra Building Platforms take the risk out of construction by applying the principles of repeatable manufacturing to entire buildings.

Katerra buildings are made from manufactured assemblies and components; including wall and floor panels, casework, bathroom and kitchen kits, and more. 

Hallmark advantages of Katerra Building Platforms includes: universal compliance for seismic and wind loads, energy codes and accessibility requirements for the 48 contiguous states across North America.

At Katerra, every discipline designs for manufacturing and assembly.

By designing for manufacturing and assembly, we are able to maximize speed and reduce costs, while maintaining the ability to configure the final product for a wide range of design expressions.

Katerra buildings are a vehicle for new value creation – at every scale of building product, and every step of the development process, from conceptual design to engineering, supply chain, off-site manufacturing, and final assembly in the field.

Building Platform Features

Building Platform Features

  • Reduced Waste and Improved Efficiency
  • Earlier Cost Visibility
  • Faster Feasibility and Entitlement Packages
  • Reduced Number of Parts
  • Maximized Factory Completion vs. Field

Garden Multifamily Platform

Current Building Platforms

Garden Multifamily Platform with Tuck-Under Parking

Garden Multifamily Platform

The Garden Platform maximizes flexibility of options, minimizes individual parts, and injects Katerra’s signature design approach to design for manufacturing.

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