General FAQ

Who is Katerra?

Katerra is a technology-driven company, transforming the way we develop, design, and construct buildings. We are ushering in an era of design and construction that moves beyond incremental fixes – we believe you can have it all.

What does Katerra do?

Katerra is putting modern technology to work at all levels of building design and construction to help address some of the industry’s most entrenched challenges, utilizing many of the disciplines, processes, and technologies that drove the extraordinary productivity gains of industrialized industries over the last 50 years. We work in a growing number of construction market sectors – including multifamily, senior, affordable housing, educational, industrial, hospitality, medical, and commercial developments. 

Why did we found Katerra?

The $10 trillion US construction industry is ripe for disruption. As the last craft industry, construction has yet to enter the industrial or technology age. The majority of the industry is building today essentially the same way they did in the mid-1800s. Economies of scale just don’t exist: most sites/projects are designed, planned, quoted, bought out, and built as one-off projects. Yet they all have many standardized materials, labor skills, design components, and processes in common. We saw a grave need to modernize the entire process of construction, so we’re doing that from end to end.

Who is on the Katerra team?

Our CEO Paal Kibsgaard is an experienced executive. Before Katerra, Paal held a variety of global senior management positions at Schlumberger Limited including chairman and CEO; COO; president of the Reservoir Characterization Group; vice president of engineering, manufacturing and sustaining; and vice president of human resources.

With talent from leading global technology brands, as well as leaders with deep AEC experience, our team combines expertise in architecture, design, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, technology and construction to provide a single integrated offering. Today we have thousands of employees around the globe. 

What is different about Katerra?

Katerra is a new kind of company in the building industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services for our clients. This offering is possible because of Katerra’s distinct model which combines end-to-end integration with significant investment in technological and design innovation.

You can learn more about the key aspects that make Katerra’s approach unique on our vision page.

Where does Katerra Operate?

We are currently headquartered in California’s Bay Area, with offices across the U.S. and Canada. Internationally, Katerra operates in India, China and the Middle East, and operating facilities in Hangzhou, China, Lucknow and Krishnagiri, India. 

How long has Katerra been around?

Katerra was founded in 2015.

Can I invest in Katerra?

Katerra is not accepting new investors at this time.

Can Katerra help me build my project?

Katerra is currently focused on larger projects, working with established development companies. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept individual consumer orders for single family homes at this time.

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Careers & Human Resources

Please visit our careers page to find out if team Katerra has a great role for you. Contact Katerra HR at [email protected]

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