Housing Affordability

At Katerra, we believe that the development of new technologies and innovative solutions are vital to the future of construction. We also believe these innovations can and should benefit everyone.

Katerra is developing innovative solutions to help improve housing affordability by driving down cost, complexity, and construction time.

Communities worldwide are struggling with severe housing affordability crises as demand for reasonably-priced housing far outstrips supply. Stagnant productivity, rising costs and labor shortages are fundamental industry challenges that continue to escalate the gap in affordability. The situation will only continue to escalate as urban populations grow, costs go up further, and the existing housing stock ages.

Katerra is developing innovative solutions to help improve housing affordability by driving down cost, complexity, and construction time. We combine these efforts with a team that brings expertise in the unique needs and challenges of the affordable housing sector. Our focus areas include new developments to create new high quality, equitable workforce housing; affordable housing renovations to preserve and improve existing affordable stock; and modern temporary housing solutions for the growing needs of disaster relief and homelessness. Working together, we ensure new products and partnerships are appropriately fit for purpose and will have a genuine market impact.

Using this integrated approach, Katerra is uniquely positioned to impact a wide range of market sectors and building asset types, delivering a new generation of high-quality affordable housing. Change on a meaningful scale will only come by applying a new mindset and proven, modern solutions at all levels of construction.

Together, we can build our way to more affordable housing for everyone, everywhere. Learn more below about current and forthcoming Katerra initiatives.

Affordable Housing Products


Development of new products that offer an improved cost basis and stronger value for money are at the core of Katerra’s affordability efforts.


Katerra is building a leadership team with deep experience across a range of middle and low income markets.
Mollie Fadule

Head of Affordable Housing Program 

Mollie Fadule

Mollie leads Katerra’s Affordable Housing strategy. Mollie comes to Katerra with a broad range of experience in real estate and private equity having lead acquisitions, development, dispositions and management of complex real estate transactions both domestically and internationally.

Market Expertise

Katerra’s experience in affordable markets is proven out, with a wide range of successful projects under our belt nationwide. Learn more about Katerra Affordable Renovations.

Fairwood Apartments

Our Affordable Housing Renovations team performed an extensive rehabilitation for the Fairwood community, located in Carmichael, CA.