Smarter Building, Better Living

Our Vision

Katerra is putting modern technology to work at all levels of building design and construction to help address some of the industry’s most entrenched challenges.

Learn more about our mission to transform construction through technology – every process and every product.

Katerra CLT

Environmentally Intelligent Building

Sustainability Initiatives

Katerra is working to develop and deliver sustainable building solutions that are scalable to all projects and economically viable without adding outsized cost burdens.

Katerra Affordability

Innovative Solutions for Lasting Change

Housing Affordability

Katerra is uniquely positioned to impact a wide range of market sectors and building asset types, delivering a new generation of high-quality affordable housing.

NA Meet the Partners

Meet Our Partners

Katerra Affiliate Companies

Katerra’s acquisitions, mergers and other strategic transactions are helping to scale our core competencies and executional capabilities.

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